What Would Beyoncé Wear? Flawless Edition

When Beyoncé released her secret video album this winter, my girl Camila and I sat in her apartment and watched every single one before we realized it was almost 11pm on New Years Eve. If you haven't bought this video album yet, please do it. You won't be disappointed. It's all the big budget music videoness you miss from the height of the 2000's, several different directors, a million wardrobe changes, and lots of Jay-Z. 

The Flawless video is especially inspiring in terms of real life wearability, while I'd love a harem pant and fringy bra combo, Bey's daisy dukes, plaid shirt, and boots are slightly more appropriate for real life (unless you are Beyoncé) I pulled some stuff from my closet, and again, I bet you own stuff like this also, it's just a matter of putting old pieces together in new ways. While my well-loved buckle boots would be more true to Bey's Chanel boots in the video, these clunky Coach sandals will make it feel a little less heavy. And pile on the rings, don't be shy. 

Side note: the menswear up in here is also on point for that 90's grunge thing. 

Shorter, lighter hair, heavy eyeliner… she can do no wrong, and I shall do as Beyoncé does. This video just makes me wanna put this on and be out in Brooklyn til 3am… you down Cam?