Girl Crushes

I'm a bit of an enigma when it comes to female vs. male friendships. I'm a girly-girl, I love makeup and fashion and bad TV, I don't really like sports (except for the Yankees, I possess a surprising knowledge of baseball), and I definitely don't ever want to PLAY sports. I'm what you would call "an indoor type of girl". I've always found the idea of a sorority nauseating, as I've never been much of a "joiner". And while I do subscribe to the old When Harry Met Sally hypothesis stating that men and women CAN'T just be friends, I've always found myself with very close male friends- gay and straight. None of which I've ever had 'feelings' for beyond friendship, or vice-versa. Which is kinda weird. What the hell guys, why aren't you in love with me??

Anyway... as a woman who respects and loves other women, but doesn't always (or usually) want to hang out and bask in the typical womanly insecurity, there are a few women whom I totally have a girl crush on. Not in a sexual way, but if we were the last two women on earth, I'd be totally cool chilling, and looting all of the Whole Food's wine departments, as we lament the loss of all the hot men. 

Chrissy Teigen

If there's one celebrity's wardrobe that I would love to raid, it's hers. I first came across her instagram via a delicious looking pasta dish, and several recipes from her I'm totally gonna buy her cook book. She and John Legend- #relationshipgoals. There's no other celebrity couple who I actually believe is that in love, and I love them for it. Their baby is going to be the babiest looking baby ever, since they both kind of look like gigantic babies themselves. And their New York apartment in Architectural Digest- #apartmentgoals.

Lauren Conrad

Since the days of Laguna Beach, we've all loved LC haven't we? The business that Lauren has built, from what could've been a flash-in-the-pan reality TV stint, is admirable and impressive. More impressive is her Beverly Hills condo (now for sale), her Laguna beach pied-a-ter, and her adorable husband. And, not for nothing, but her LC Lauren Conrad Runway collection for Kohls was kind of great, and this jumpsuit had me lookin fine at a wedding this fall. 

Leandra Medine

Back when blogging was first invented, Leandra Medine sliced through the sea of Peonies & Pancakes/Roses & Waffles/Sweaters & Macaroons-themed blogs with her truly unique, The antithesis of her blogging peers, she made her mark by not giving a fuck what you, or any man, thought of her fashion choices. Brilliant sartorial selections aside, Leandra is most importantly a whip-smart writer who leans towards conversations of feminism, objectivity, and philosophy. Her book, Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls. is much more than fashion commentary. Leandra gives a naked-honest account of her life from conservative Jewish student, to launching and developing, through meeting and marrying her man (clearly not repelled).  

The Kendall-Gigi Thing

I am a grown woman with an expensive education and an aversion to all Real Housewives-type programming. That said, I can work for hours with the Kardashians on in the background. It's a guilty pleasure. That, and ghost hunting shows, but I digress... 

Forgetting for a second that they are reality porn gypsies, Kendall (I'm pretty sure it's Kendall that I'm talking about here, the one with the Estee Lauder contract) and her BFF Gigi Hadid just have a style thing going on that I have to respect. They're like Cher and Dione, but with Instagram accounts and agents. 

Mixing Balmain with Adidas, and Stella with Wang, Kendall and Gigi have created a unique chasm in the fashion trend space, driven by hashtags and selfies. For a couple of 20 year old millionaires, they possess a sense a style that is akin to the minimalist supermodels of the early 90's, a refreshing turn away from the glitz and glam of the Kardashian-era. I have no desire to hear them speak, but damn these girls can dress. 

Throw some sneakers on with that suit

I am lucky to be surrounded by many well-suited men in my life. I don't mean to brag, but yes, I work with beautiful men in suits all day, every day. And while I love a well pressed shirt and a crisp pocket square, I love it more when they change out of their 'shoes' and into sneakers at the end of the day. 

Sexy suited man companions below, including style influencer DJ McDonald

I kind of hate mens' dress shoes. Sneakers are just so much sexier. I can't really explain that statement- you'll either agree or not get it. (If you don't get it, you also probably have no problem with square-toe slip on mens' shoes) No shade. 

One of my styling rules: whether it's a tuxedo, or some jeans and a tee shirt, when in doubt- throw on some Common Projects and call it a day . 

The Gay Wedding Date

If you are in your mid-twenties, you probably get invited to a wedding every effing... excuse me- every other month. If you are single, you probably don't even get a plus one (I mean, I aint spending $100 a head on a stranger for you either if I know you are solo) 

So, what do you do if you are single as fuck and have to attend a wedding? 

You take a gay friend. That's what you do. If you aren't lucky enough to have one of your best friends be a gay man, then go find a gay bar, order a Mai Tai, and wait for the right one to strike up a conversation with. (I find mentioning Ina Garten or Arianna Grande is a sure fire way to get a gay on the hook) 

Not to brag, but... MY gay works for an Italian fashion company. 

My look- LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection, shoes by Ted Baker

My date- All by Etro 

Benefits to taking a gay man as your wedding date include:

  • THEY HAVE SOMETHING APPROPRIATE AND AMAZING TO WEAR. No pleated 'dress pants' from 'that time they went to prom', square-toe shoes, or satin ties
  • They dance
  • Everyone will wonder who this mysterious, well dressed, cultured date you brought is, and where you all met because it seems like you're so happy together :|
  • He won't try to sleep with you (also a con)
  • They probably like to drink, but won't get out of control because they won't be bro-bonding with the other males at the party about Eli Manning or whatever... 

So, I highly recommend you make like a Jennifer Anniston/Deborah Messing/Julia Roberts movie and hire a gay wedding date. Hell, I'd do it even if you DO have a boyfriend or husband- it'll probably be the most fun you'll have at a wedding all year! 

Man of Style: Scott Disick

I know, gross, he's so obnoxious, but homeboy can dress. No one knows why he owns so many work-appropriate suits, as no one knows what he actually does for work, but he is clearly BFF with his tailor. 

When we first met Scott, he was clearly inspired by a Patrick Bateman/Gordon Gecko/Jay Gatsby archetype (very apropos), then Kourtney whipped him into a more Cali-casual style, often matching her in plaids and pastels, followed by the influence of Kayne Kardasian- enter leather sweatpants. But at the end of the day, any guy can nab his style and it would be an upgrade (just don't admit your inspiration). 

Men Take Note: Paul Newman

There are a few men who's style, grace, and beauty are eternally modern. I've mentioned a few here on Last Looks, and now I present my personal favorite installment of Men of Style: Mr Paul Newman. Sirs, take notes, for Mr Newman's timeless style is classic, and therefore foolproof. I promise you can't go wrong copying any of the below looks. My dad actually just said "Oh yea Paul Newman, he was a real Man's Man."