Dries Van Noten is a F*cking Genius

Sometimes, you just GET something on an aesthetic level. I just GET Dries Van Noten. Designers I don't get- Miucca Prada- sorry, but I think 97% of the time, that's some fugly shit. Marni, could you be less sexy or flattering? 

But Dries Van Noten… we fell in love in the fall/winter of 2009, when he showed a collection in Paris that was inspired by Bacon. The sophisticated interpretation of that would be to say the collection was inspired by Francis Bacon, 20th century surrealist painter, but one can't deny that color palette of cured meat was also prevalent. 

Then there was the Spring 2013 collection, which set the trend of sheer plaids, and showed us mixing prints in a truly new way. Androgyny is always a major theme for Dries, but he never does it in an un-sexy way, he may not show all of a woman's body, but it's a kind of borrowed-from-him louchness that's even sexier than a few Kardashian Kutouts. 

Then there's his menswear… always the first rack a gravitate to on the 4th floor at Barney's. It takes a confident, slightly European maybe, man to pull off some DVN mens, but if you've got it- you GOT it. And in his Fall 2013 mens' presentation, the inspiration was the hungover, un-showered, unkempt, but chic, walk of shame of a young Parisian man. (I think that's the only way French men do a walk of any kind)