Man of Style: Steve McQueen

The King of Cool was notorious for three things:

  • Speed
  • Being difficult to work with
  • Style

A true All-American man, and a Hollywood man's-man, Steve McQueen's style is classic and eternal, and is still tapped for inspiration by menswear designers today (hi J.Crew, Ami, Incotex, Todd Snyder). McQueen's timeless style is so classic it's still relevant today- what guy wouldn't want to look that bad ass? Even if you can't spring for the vintage Ferrari, or a 1934 Indian motorcycle, you can channel The King of Cool with the classic looks below. 

A Hollywood anecdote: When I first arrived in Los Angeles, I made an appointment to take a look around Western Costume, one of the largest and most famous costume houses in Hollywood. Although I didn't have a project to work on, I met a lovely woman in the research library who took to my curious New Yorker enthusiasm, and showed me to an inconspicuous door in the back of the library- marked only by a gold star. This was The Star Room, an oversized closet filled with racks and racks of wardrobe, I got the impression that few people know this room exists, and even fewer are granted access. As I moved through the racks, the clothes came to life- Leonardo DiCaprio's wardrobe from The Aviator(!), Elizabeth Taylor's Egyptian bodysuits from Cleopatra(!), Kate Winslet's lifejacket from Titanic(!!), Katherine Hepburn's trousers, and a whole rack of Steve McQueen's jeans. Classic Levis, slim, high-waisted, and kinda small. One of my first days in LA was truly one of Old Hollywood dreams. 

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Hot child in the city: Staying cool in the heat of NYC

Remember back in college (or wherever you were in 2006), when you were avoiding working on your visual language project (or whatever you studied) and you discovered Polyvore? Oh what a time waster it was... but really, what a great way to plan outfits, whether they be using things you own, or fantasy (oh all The Row slip dresses and Givenchy bags!) As the heat continues to turn up in NYC, allow me to share with you some chic melt-proof summer outfits... 

To Stroll The Met

Stay cool and dry with a cotton tee dress, comfy flat sneakers, and a smallish bag. Don't forget to layer delicate jewelry and add an anklet- so summery.

Happy Hour

Add red lips to a great summer work look- a sheer white tank, strappy nude heels, and a fun skirt.

For the Beach or Boat

Stay cool and protected in a panama hat, cut offs, and crisp white vans.

Job Interview 

Stay polished but not sweaty in a tailored sleeveless vest, silk tank, and neutral colors. Add a chic leather portfolio.

Sunday Brunch 

Pair a cool cotton sundress with tan booties and sunglasses to hide that hangover.

Man of Style: Johannes Huebl (oh, and Olivia Palermo too)

We all know Olivia Palermo has great style, and even if you can't imagine her being any fun at all, you have to admit she is one of the best dressed ladies on the scene today. But, icy as she seems, she's nailed down super hot model/photographer/German Johannes Huebl, who manages to out-dress even her. From casual to uber formal, Huebl walks the streets of New York with a confidence and chicness that comes from ... well I guess being a European model doesn't hurt... 

Man of Style: Scott Disick

I know, gross, he's so obnoxious, but homeboy can dress. No one knows why he owns so many work-appropriate suits, as no one knows what he actually does for work, but he is clearly BFF with his tailor. 

When we first met Scott, he was clearly inspired by a Patrick Bateman/Gordon Gecko/Jay Gatsby archetype (very apropos), then Kourtney whipped him into a more Cali-casual style, often matching her in plaids and pastels, followed by the influence of Kayne Kardasian- enter leather sweatpants. But at the end of the day, any guy can nab his style and it would be an upgrade (just don't admit your inspiration). 

From Posh to Becks: Victoria Beckham and my life

In the 5th grade talent show at Atlantic Highlands Elementary, my friends and I performed If You Wanna Be My Lover, and each chose a Spice Girl to be- me, being neither sporty, nor 'babyish', nor slutty (or redheaded? Was she Ginger or Sexy Spice? Remember that controversy?), nor scary (the one no one wanted to be), I was obviously Posh. I was very into the 90's slip dress (mine from Limited Too), the glitter, the press-on nails, the pin straight hair, and the point- you know which one I mean. 

Then it was the leather leggings and blazer look that struck me- leather never looked so chic, in an airport no less (Can you imagine wearing painted on leather leggings and 6 inch Louboutins on a flight? I'll never be that chic.) Probably The Row, first collection if I'm not mistaken (I was an intern at The Row at the time). 

Victoria Beckham airport

Always setting trends, even questionable ones, Victoria evolved into one of the most respected high-end designers in fashion. Her two lines, Victoria Beckham, and Victoria Victoria Beckham, sell among the chicest womenswear, sharing retail real-estate with the likes of Stella and Céline.

While Posh's style was my aspiration in grade five, Victoria's style is now my aspiration as I enter the most professional era of my life. She does tailored, sexy, and structured pieces that are wearable for women who aren't as pin-thin as she. She continues to be the chicest women on earth, with the hottest husband on earth. 

The Man, The Myth, The Brando

Marlon Brando- the most macho of the Old Hollywood A-List, and probably the craziest too. Classically handsome, and physically large (spoiler alert- 90% of actors are miniature in real life), no one could make a dirty old tee shirt look so cool. Brando's masculinity shone through in all of his rolls, and in the way he wore clothes. His style still inspires designers today (hello anyone who's ever made a biker jacket) and can be worked into any man (or woman's) look. 

Fun Hollywood story: I was pulling things for a shoot, and went to my friends at Schaeffer's Garment Hotel , who stock the coolest vintage biker jackets and raw denim around, and saw a hat in the case that I just had to have... "THAT ONE! Can I borrow it??" to which the shop owner, Robert, replied "No way, that's THE hat. Like, Brando's actual hat from The Wild Ones, and it doesn't leave the shop." The shop's milliner, Gunner Fox, is a third generation Hollywood hat maker, who's grandfather made the original. A great Hollywood moment... see the hat below.