Black Tie on a Budget

So you're at work on a Tuesday, minding your own business, when suddenly the marketing department informs you that you have a black tie event to attend with the executives of the company.... on Thursday.

THIS Thursday. Oh, sure, let me just pull a black tie outfit out of my ***... closet. 

Two days notice is pretty quick, even for an experienced stylist like mahself, so I scrambled to explore my options. 

  • - So not my style to borrow a dress that like, four girls I went to high school with wore to each others' respective weddings. No offense RTR, but the gallery for each dress that the 'real people' send in, almost always kills it for me. #Basic. Plus, I ALWAYS hone in on the only rentals that are $350 #goodtasteproblems.
  • Relish in the fact that my homecoming dresses still fit, and make the aqua-tulle-mermaid thing work. 
  • Find a whole look for under $200 that I would actually wear again.

So, after scouring my favorite cheap and cheerful sites, which requires an editor's eye (there is a LOT of slutty looking crap out there) I found this little gem on for $99. What can I say, I love a jumpsuit. I only had one shot at choosing a size, since I needed overnight shipping and there would be no time for returns- so, I sized up and relied on my secret weapon- my tailor. She tapered, cropped, and secured me into this thing. 

It's my kind of black tie look- not so serious and gown-y, I didn't want to be carrying my bustle up the stairs at da club- the Cinderella thing doesn't really fly in the Meatpacking district. I grabbed some sexy lace-up heels at Zara on my lunch break, and brought an oldie-but-goodie H&M clutch, and a $5 body chain from Forever 21 (which totally competed my vision). 

I also had a gift certificate for a blow out at Dry Bar, which I highly recommend. Nothing like someone doing your least favorite beauty routine for you while you drink champagne and watch Bride Wars. 

So, all in all I spent:

  • $99 on cape jumpsuit thing
  • $60 on heels
  • $5 on jewelry 
  • $0 on hair 
  • $0 on drinks

Mission accomplished.

How you doin? #Wendyshow

I get 98% of my news from Wendy Williams. Yea, I said it. Are Wiz and Amber Rose back together? (Do I care?) What did Trump say this week? (again, DO I care?) Do we believe that Rihanna says she doesn't have casual sex? (No.) 

Wendy is a fellow Jersey girl, Cancer, and ex-drug addict (just kidding, I don't do drugs) and I finally got the chance to go a taping of her show. 

It was everything you gay-man soul wants it to be. You line up at 8am in Chelsea, and are shuffled in to a waiting room to bond with your fellow ladies and gays about what you could possible write to "Ask Wendy"! 

Well, I wrote something as a half-joke, and of course they loved it. A production assistant brought me into a room to rehearse my question and perfect my "How you doin!" In the end we ran out of time for me to ask my question (Thanks Marlene from Florida *eyeroll*) I was half disapointed-half relieved, and since I won't even say what my question was here on my blog, I guess I'm glad it didn't end up on live TV. 

We had George Takei as our guest... just another crazy old gay who rambles on about his wedding and marriage until the music comes on and Miss Wendy has to get the hook... but we got lucky since Taye Diggs had to shoot a segment for next week that day. He was late because of traffic, and kind of a diva, but super hot and made up for George Takei's ramble. 

If you are a Wendy fan- request tickets ASAP! It was so much fun! DJ Boof is awesome- the hype man is awesome. A Wendy staffer even asked me to come back and model for one of their fashion segments in the future... #Howyoudoin!

Are you a fashion girl from a small town?

I come from a small town on the Jersey Shore. I'm something of a local celebrity, simply because I have met Justin Timberlake. I recently sat down with a glass of sav blac, and Sweet Home Alabama was on ABC Family. I've seen it before, (like, 6 times at least), but this time it really was kind of like watching myself... a blonder, bitchier, shallower, more successful version of myself. 

I don't think I've accomplished nearly enough yet- let's get that straight. I'm not like, "Where's my naked cover of Paper Magazine?" Kardashian-proud of myself, but yea- I left town and did some shit. 

Fun fact: This clip stars Melanie Lynskey, with whom I made the film "Hello, I Must Be Going" between this movie and her role in Ever After- you can believe I fanned out when I met her.

I went to school in New York, worked there as an assistant costume designer for film for several years thereafter, then picked up and moved to LA. I didn't know a (professional) soul there, and moved in with my wonderful aunt and uncle in Newport Beach. Not a bad deal. I then got wrangled into the crazy world of celebrity styling (The Rachel Zoe project was NOT an exaggeration, guys) I did some amazing work, and worked with photographers, stylists, and celebrities that I've admired all my life. 

Then I moved back to New Jersey. Initially for a job opportunity that didn't pan out due to logistics (aka a 70 mile drive, for a very well known high-end e-tailer) Now what? I was back to my small beach town life, and couldn't help but feel I had outgrown most of the people and places I had known all my life. The song Brandy makes me cry because it's what my life would've been had I never left. Just a harbor town girl throwin whiskey down for the local sailors... Brandy... you're fine girl... what gooooood wife you would be.... 

Anyway... Reese's character in Sweet Home Alabama, left town and became a successful fashion designer in *exotic* New York City, and, upon her return home, is pretty much an asshole. She exerts all of her energy denying her small town roots, up-keeping the veil that she is a New Yorker worthy of marrying her politico-socialite finance. Of course, it is impossible to ignore your roots- she learns the err of her ways, embraces her southern heritage, and falls back in love with that hot guy from high school who turned out to be a millionaire selling lighting glass (?) wtf. {If anyone I went to high school with is now a millionaire selling, I don't know... drift wood from hurricane damage... please raise your hand and make a dinner reservation}

I guess what I saw in the movie this time around is that it's so important not to loose sight of the real world, and to appreciate and embrace your roots. Professionally, being from a different background than your co-workers or clients, should be viewed as a strength and embraced. 

In the world of fashion- people take themselves way too seriously, and I make it a personal goal of mine to break that seriousness whenever possible. I've cracked jokes as an assistant on shoots with major celebrities because everyone was being too uptight- and you know what? It created a mood of levity that created better work. 

So, fashion people- stop being assholes and start having more fun. 

Hot child in the city: Staying cool in the heat of NYC

Remember back in college (or wherever you were in 2006), when you were avoiding working on your visual language project (or whatever you studied) and you discovered Polyvore? Oh what a time waster it was... but really, what a great way to plan outfits, whether they be using things you own, or fantasy (oh all The Row slip dresses and Givenchy bags!) As the heat continues to turn up in NYC, allow me to share with you some chic melt-proof summer outfits... 

To Stroll The Met

Stay cool and dry with a cotton tee dress, comfy flat sneakers, and a smallish bag. Don't forget to layer delicate jewelry and add an anklet- so summery.

Happy Hour

Add red lips to a great summer work look- a sheer white tank, strappy nude heels, and a fun skirt.

For the Beach or Boat

Stay cool and protected in a panama hat, cut offs, and crisp white vans.

Job Interview 

Stay polished but not sweaty in a tailored sleeveless vest, silk tank, and neutral colors. Add a chic leather portfolio.

Sunday Brunch 

Pair a cool cotton sundress with tan booties and sunglasses to hide that hangover.

Trends from London Men's Fashion Week Spring 2015

Gotta love those Brits! London is the place to be for young, innovative designers who aren't afraid to take risks (e.i. these weird ass shows from Katie Eary and Craig Green) My favorite of all fashion weeks, for obvious, menswear-obsesesed reasons, London Spring 2015 Fashion Week is the one time of year that the shows feel instantly relevant- unlike when we see down parkas in spring and short-suits in winter. These are trends you can wear right now Ah... instant gratification... 


Taken down a notch from it's formalwear older brother, try it with a tee shirt.


Fancy, dandy, chic, or warm, iterations of wraps are everywhere.


From banding, to caps, to jerseys, your favorite team wear is totally in right now. 


Looks like it's going to be a very Easter-y spring, man up and wear pink.