The Drugstore Lipstick Wardrobe

I don't think I'll ever spend more than $10 on a lipstick (unless I'm like, in Paris and that Chanel Rouge would make me feel super French) You can find fantastic formulas at the drugstore, and you should build a lipstick collection, just like you would you clothing wardrobe, a little something for every occasion. 

You should have  a great everyday nude, perfect for pairing with that slightly overboard smokey eye. I recently found the L'Oreal Collection Privée in Doutzen's Nude… It's a super sheer, blue toned pink that makes me look like Doutzen Kroes… not. But it smells like a doll I had as a kid, and I can't figure out what it is! If anyone else has noticed that same thing about this collection, please let me know because it's driving me crazy. 

Drugstore Lipsticks

Then there's the Kate Moss for Rimmel collection, which has a great range of can't-go-wrong colors, including this perfect rose pink, 104 Rosetto. It gives just something to the lips, semi-matte, and a sophisticated color, good for job interviews. 

Plum Velour from the Revlon Super Lustrous collection, it's like a step up from a lip balm- sheer, very moisturizing, with a gorgeous build able color than can be made quite dramatic. 

The Holy Grail of bright pinks- Revlon Colorburst Fuchsia. I thought I lost this for the last 3 months, recently found it in a clutch and rejoiced! I have had this for more than a year, and it is the smoothest, most highly pigmented, most flattering bright pink EVER. It brightens up my face instantly and can feel very festive, and the quilted packaging is so chic. 

Jumping on spring's orange lip trend, this cheap and cheerful NYX matte Indie Flick caught my eye. The color is on-point, BRIGHT orange, but enough red to not be scary. And as color theory teaches us, if you have blueish eyes, wearing orange tones will make them pop, also great with a tan. 

It took me many years to build up the courage to pull off a bold red lip. The thing is, you have to commit. It has to look intentional. You can't chicken out with a red stain. I had tried tons of reds, thinking blue reds would be best for me, and they never looked right- you know it's wrong if you feel like a clown. Then I picked up this brilliant orange-red from Covergirl called Hot, and the accompanying lipliner in Fire. And the angels sang. I found my red, and we shall live happily ever after, and I will never stray. It's like they say, when you know, you know. 

What are your favorite drugstore lipsticks? Now excuse me as I choose one for brunch today… I'm feeling Indie Flick.. 

The $5 Palette vs. the $54 Palette

I love makeup. Even if you can't afford a round at Zara, you can afford a $5 eyeshadow palette from CVS, it's kinda like the saying "shoes always fit" well,"you can always afford Wet n' Wild". I also love the occasional beauty splurge at Sephora, and over Christmas I was feeling flush and finally caved to the siren call of the much hyped Naked 3 palette. I was never interested in the Naked 1 or 2, since I'm a warm-tone girl… but when my makeup artist friend whipped it out on set, I was finally sold. My last day in New York City, I stopped into my local Union Square Sephora and forked over the $54. Oy. 

Back in LA, I was secretly disappointed in the color payoff of the Naked 3… I watched YouTube videos singing it's praises with words like 'buttery' 'great color payoff' and 'i die.' I began thinking 'maybe there's some trick I'm not getting?' But I'm pretty well versed in makeup technique thanks to years of hanging out in the HMU trailer. I appreciate the mix of shimmers and mattes, and that it has everything you'd need for a lifetime of looks, from highlight to liner. But ultimately, I feel like it's a lot of building to achieve a semi-smokey eye, and if I paid that much, I want one sweep to satisfy. 

While looking for a cheap thrill to spend my CVS Extrabucks on, this Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone palette caught my eye. The warm shades on the left are my everyday colors, warm, pinky bronze tones. And the right was a cool, greeny set, with one very complex peacock blue color on the bottom right- it's blue from one angle, and a iridescent purple from another. Looks very expensive, reminiscent of a MAC Mega Metal shadow. While all the Wet n' Wild shades are shimmery, I don't mind that. I know mattes are all the rage right now, but if i'm in a rush in the morning, one sweep of the pinky eyelid color gives a nice shimmery depth, while mattes can look flat unless you put the time in to contour and build. Most impressive of all, the color payoff is unbelievable! I own lots of expensive shadows, and I find quality shadows in the drugstore are the toughest thing to find. Who knew! The cheapest brand around, that you bought in 7th grade, is the most comparable to high end (at least for pan shadows, because I do love me some Maybelline 24hr cream pots) 

So, if you've been debating the Naked palette, do yourself a favor and check out the drugstore first, and spend the other $49 on some nice brushes and a bottle of wine.