Man of Style: Johannes Huebl (oh, and Olivia Palermo too)

We all know Olivia Palermo has great style, and even if you can't imagine her being any fun at all, you have to admit she is one of the best dressed ladies on the scene today. But, icy as she seems, she's nailed down super hot model/photographer/German Johannes Huebl, who manages to out-dress even her. From casual to uber formal, Huebl walks the streets of New York with a confidence and chicness that comes from ... well I guess being a European model doesn't hurt... 

Men Take Note: Paul Newman

There are a few men who's style, grace, and beauty are eternally modern. I've mentioned a few here on Last Looks, and now I present my personal favorite installment of Men of Style: Mr Paul Newman. Sirs, take notes, for Mr Newman's timeless style is classic, and therefore foolproof. I promise you can't go wrong copying any of the below looks. My dad actually just said "Oh yea Paul Newman, he was a real Man's Man." 

The Definition of White Tie and Thoughts on the Met Gala

White–tie adjective: 

characterized by or requiring the wearing of formal evening clothes consisting of white tie

and tailcoat for men and a formal gown for women <a white–tie dinner>

The most formal of dress codes, fancier than The Oscars, and a rare occasion indeed. The only time men wear tailcoats, and women wear evening gloves. So why were the majority of attendees at this years Charles James white-tie gala, dressed like they were going to a Golden Globes after party? Hollywood… *eyeroll*

Charles James was an English-born Couturier who came to fame dressing high society ladies in Chicago and New York during the 1940's and 1950's. Not much was every spoken about James, he sort of disappeared. I discovered James when I kept pinning his dresses and researched who he was. Shortly thereafter Bazaar published a story on him, and now he's got a retrospective at The Met opening. The modern incarnation of James, is Zac Posen, and if you know anything of James' designs that is stunningly obvious. 

He may look like a Renaissance Chancellor, but Posen will always overshoot a dress code, than underdress. Dita VonTeese's gown is his modern take on James' famous  Clover Gown&nbsp; designed for Augustine Hearst in the 1950's.&nbsp;

He may look like a Renaissance Chancellor, but Posen will always overshoot a dress code, than underdress. Dita VonTeese's gown is his modern take on James' famous Clover Gown designed for Augustine Hearst in the 1950's. 

Personally speaking, I would've jumped at the chance to go big or go home with the white-tie dress code. When else in your life could you wear satin opera gloves and your man, a dinner jacket with coat tails?! It's so Kate and Leopold. By the way, ticket price for a seat at Le Met Ball- $25,000 (Not that any of these actors paid).

But alas, Hollywood's starlets and stylists kept it typical, if not disrespectful, with bare midriffs and short hemlines. Click through for my completely guttural, honest, and probably harsh reviews. 

Dries Van Noten is a F*cking Genius

Sometimes, you just GET something on an aesthetic level. I just GET Dries Van Noten. Designers I don't get- Miucca Prada- sorry, but I think 97% of the time, that's some fugly shit. Marni, could you be less sexy or flattering? 

But Dries Van Noten… we fell in love in the fall/winter of 2009, when he showed a collection in Paris that was inspired by Bacon. The sophisticated interpretation of that would be to say the collection was inspired by Francis Bacon, 20th century surrealist painter, but one can't deny that color palette of cured meat was also prevalent. 

Then there was the Spring 2013 collection, which set the trend of sheer plaids, and showed us mixing prints in a truly new way. Androgyny is always a major theme for Dries, but he never does it in an un-sexy way, he may not show all of a woman's body, but it's a kind of borrowed-from-him louchness that's even sexier than a few Kardashian Kutouts. 

Then there's his menswear… always the first rack a gravitate to on the 4th floor at Barney's. It takes a confident, slightly European maybe, man to pull off some DVN mens, but if you've got it- you GOT it. And in his Fall 2013 mens' presentation, the inspiration was the hungover, un-showered, unkempt, but chic, walk of shame of a young Parisian man. (I think that's the only way French men do a walk of any kind) 

Elvis Presley: Man of Style

Did you own more than one Elvis doll growing up? I did. They were my 'Ken', Ken was a little fem for my taste (but he did do a fabulous job decorating Stacy's new condo!) One was Jailhouse Rock Elvis, in a red satin jacket, open collar white shirt, and acoustic guitar. The other was leathah Elvis, black jacket, v-neck tee, and aggressively high pompadour. I was even into mens fashion in the Barbie years. 

But Elvis was a stylish guy, even in his more bloated years he knew how to rock a stage look. But young Elvis… swoon. Remember, these were the days before there were stylists, like myself, hired to shop for, and layout every outfit for a celebrity- Elvis' look was all him. 

Chuck Bass: Man of Style

Gossip Girl may be an extinct guilty pleasure, but one thing lives on in my Pinterest boards forever… Chuck Bass's style. 

Click through for my thoughts 

Chuck must've been costume designer Eric Daman's favorite character to develop, I know he would've been mine! Coming from a film and costume design background, I always take note of the evolution of a character via their wardrobe. Thinking about what's going on in the character's life, why he would choose to wear a piece, where is he going in it? Thinking about a character's psyche is what makes costume design different, more challenging, and sometimes more fun, than styling. 

I am a keen observer of sharp tailoring. If I learned anything working with GQ, it was that the Russian tailors in LA are magicians. Daman is clearly also a fan of the tailor's chalk, and over seven seasons, we saw Chuck's armholes get higher, his waist whittled, and his pants taper. 

Chuck Bass is my Carrie Bradshaw. 

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