The Scent of an Old Flame

I have a very strong scent memory. Coco Mademoiselle still reminds me of the family cruise to the Bahamas in 10th grade, where I bought it duty-free in international waters. I still have that bottle (it's turned a little yellow, maybe it's time to re-purchase) There are a few scents that trigger moments in time for me, some of which I'd rather forget, some I fondly remember, and some I avoid whenever possible as to not induce myself with stress. 

Oil of Oregano WTF. My first messy foray into relationships, with an older grip/actor/hippie/30-something manboy who lived in Queens. He swore by the health promoting properties of pure oil of oregano, and once persuaded me to put one single drop under my tongue. Do not do this. Unless you're into tasting liquid fire. 

Bleu de Chanel During a liquor-fueled, post-wedding rampage in Vegas with my male cousins, I met a very handsome, very good-smelling British man. We spent one night together, and for that night, it was love. We closed down the club (quite a feat in Las Vegas), made out in front of slot machines, and then I shut the taxi door and sent him back to The Wynn (What a tease) We stayed in contact for quite a while, I swear there was a time that this guy bought a plane ticket and was planning on pulling up to my Hollywood apartment in a vintage Jaguar to profess his love. But then his wife probably found out. 

Gain Fabric Softener A dangerously common scent that often has me avoiding laundromats and aisles. A great love who's laundry was always so fresh and so clean clean. You know a man respects you when you lend him some socks and he returns them smelling like a crisp mountain stream.