The Torment of Liking Justin Bieber

As my dad once said after watching Selena Gomez on Entertainment Tonight, "She dated that Justin Beaver? Even with all his jack-assery?". But, just try and resist the new music. You can't. It's like junk food. Junk food that makes me want to dance on the elliptical machine. Plus, he's kinda hot now. 

I like to give celebrities the benefit of the doubt- if you're in the public eye, it's easy for people to take cheap shots at you. And while I have never worked with Bieber myself, I have heard several stories of his horrendously childlike behavior. 

My former boss, a contributing editor for THAT mens' magazine, styled JB for a shoot. Justin scoffed at the sneaker selection (roughly 100 pairs- from Nike to Givenchy) "Have those. Had those. Hate those....". He then proceed to tell my well-groomed boss "Bro. You gotta clean your nails man!" I assure you, this fashion editor was the definition of well-groomed. 

During my time at the SNL studio I made friends with the wardrobe team (obviously). I asked them, "Who is the worst celebrity guest you've had to deal with?" Resounding answer: "Justin Bieber." He had recently bombed as the guest, and left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. 

And there was the time Justin cut me off in his leopard-print Audi R8. Yup. At Cahuenga and Franklin, flying off the 101.


Since you're reading this, please stop being a douche bag. We all love your music now. No need to over-compensate with chair flipping and audience abuse. Maybe go get your GED*, leave Selena alone, and just fucking chill bro. 


Erin Hughes

*I don't know if he has his GED or not... I can't be bothered to research that. 

Photo by Steven Klein for Interview Magazine 

Photo by Steven Klein for Interview Magazine