DBag Dating: An Interview With the Author

Marina Khoroch and I met while working as starry-eyed young interns at at Stylecaster.com. I remember thinking, "That Russian girl is really chic." as we continued to churn out the SEO tagging of thousands of items for the site, and organize the accessory closet.

Many years, jobs, dates, and cities later for the both of us, we re-connected via her brilliant blog DbagDating.com. With posts like WHAT BRITISH MEN CAN LEARN FROM THE FRENCH & VICE VERSA and THINGS I MISS (AND DON’T MISS) ABOUT NEW YORK MEN (two subjects I empathize with far too well) the chronicles of her dating disasters (and successes!) are written with a pithy honesty so easy to relate to, I was compelled to pass along a story or two of my own. That's right- Mugshot Guy... almost forgot about him. 

Photo: Caroline Owens

Photo: Caroline Owens

Evidently, I'm not the only one enthralled by Marina's Parisian dating disasters, Vogue.com soon took notice, and she now posts for them regularly. 

We recently caught up, and I shot my personal Carrie Bradshaw a few questions:

What lead you to create DBag Dating? Did you feel you were dating an abnormal number of Dbags and felt there may be others like you out there (like myself)?

My dating history had always been bizarre, as I tend to seek out characters, instead of normal human beings who I am compatible with. Then I moved to Paris and it got weirder than ever, as I kept on running into these ridiculous “Lost in Translation” scenarios that provided endless entertainment for my friends. One day, my friend Rachel (author of blog LaYummyMummy.com) said to me “These are truly terrible. Why don't you write them down, I bet you there are plenty of women going through the same thing!” I launched the blog a few weeks later.    

You profile men from all different countries, boroughs, and vocations- is there a Dbag story that tops them all in terms of dbag-ness for you?

I think Doctor Douchebag – a story about a pompous French doctor who kept on highlighting that I was cute but not very bright – is a definite classic. It even has a sequel! 

Which city or country has proved to be the best for straight up sex?

I think any city can be great for that – men are universally simple creatures! The only difference is that in Paris, quick sex could evolve into a relationship, while in New York it usually sets a more casual tone from the get-go! 

A little word association - one word or phrase to describe dating for each of the following:

  • New York – Rat Race
  • Paris – Hot mess
  • Moscow – Top-rate meat market
  • Italy – “Bella, bella!”
  • London – Signet ring seduction
  • The Rich guy – Unfamiliar turf
  • The Hipster – All-too-familiar turf
  • The Unemployed guy - Waste of time

Relationships and social media- do you unfollow on social media after a breakup? Personally, the only way to get over it is to NOT see it on a feed anymore.

Not really, I feel like the guys I usually date hardly use social media anyway. If I do unfollow them, I will end up stalking them anyway! 

Do you think that the future (or present) state of online dating has negatively impacted our ability to meet and socialize with the opposite sex in person?

Not necessarily, I feel like we have all actually become even more open as a result of online dating. It really gets you out of your immediate friend and comfort zones!  

You've recently begun writing for Vogue.com, was that a total Carrie moment for you?

I won’t lie, the first article that came out was a very cool moment for me, especially since people finally stopped thinking that I was completely crazy! 

You're very open about your dating history on your blog, do you ever worry that the subject of the post will read it? Have you ever been confronted or contacted by one who've read about themselves?

I’m always surprised that this hasn't happened yet. In Paris, I lived in this tiny walkup and kept half-joking that I’m scared to go home because one of the guys I wrote about will be waiting for me with a jackhammer. But that never happened.  I think some of them were actually flattered!  

Who are some bloggers whom you admire, and what do you think of the blog-to-book trend?

Leandra Medine (Man Repeller) for the wit and business-savvy; Garance Doré for the honesty and visual direction; Amy Odell, who never had her own blog but is an excellent writer! Blog-to-books are fantastic, as long as the books actually have substance, as opposed to some “curated lifestyle” nonsense. 

What celebrity would you like to profile for Dbag dating because you suspect they'd have some amazing Dbag stories?

Elizabeth Taylor. She’s seen it all. 

Agreed, Elizabeth Taylor HAS seen it all. She would have so much advice to take (and to NOT take). So pour yourself a glass of Bordeaux, get comfy and read through DbagDating.com. It might even inspire you to fire your Tinder account back up, just for the comedic value these encounters have the potential to generate.