A Periscope Makeover

99% of men need style help. You're probably not part of the 1%. It's fine, that's why i'm here. From pop stars, to CEO's, to your uncle who works in banking, I'm here to make men a better looking place. 

I recently worked with Jon Jacques, a professional magician who you probably know from his series Magic Moments, on the Ellen Degeneres show, or from the #1 weekly broadcast on Periscope, #ScopeStars. Jon utilizes his fame on Periscope to change lives and spread happiness, extremely admirable considering he is also the CEO and founder of Applause, the first Periscope network which utilizes the Twitter-owned app for advertising and media opportunities. It's hard to believe the man has time for all he does, which is where I come in. I can at least help the man dress. 

Everyone has a great before and an even better after... right? 

Everyone has a great before and an even better after... right? 

I set out to provide Jon with a wardrobe to outfit the dual aspects of his life- CEO and entertainer. Bearing in mind that he is young and handsome, I stuck to Suitsupply, Zara, and Club Monaco to create a wardrobe that he could mix and match for meetings with clients, red carpet events, or an appearance on Ellen (!) (Disclaimer: I LOVE Ellen. Like, I own her book from the 90's My Point.. and I Do Have One

Anyway, my point is, with a few key pieces and some guidance from a licensed professional (i.e. moi), you can unearth some hidden gems amongst this city's (or any city's) men. And we are all the better for it.