another #girlbook

I always judge a book by it's cover, let's get that straight right now, so when Lauren Millian Bass' leggy, Hermes-y cover popped up in my Amazon suggestions, I was interested. Since I'm at that quarter-life-crisis age, I've been drawn to these type of career inspiring books for women that seem to be popping up as of late. (Loved #Girlboss, and Leandra Medine's Manrepeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls, and CAN'T WAIT for DVF's new one, already pre-ordred that shit.) 

Lauren's a serious business woman who most definitely orders the "Business Woman Special" (points if you get that reference) for lunch, starting a successful winery at the ripe age of 24. She then moved on to become a partner at a venture capital firm specializing in young technology startups. And while her fierce pursuit of success in the male-dominted business world has brought her amazing accolades and plenty of money, at the end, I was left wondering if I could ever be so driven as to put so much of my personal life on the back burner. 

A great read for any girl looking for some career-boosting straight talk.