So you're gonna be on set all day...What's in my bag

Being on the set of a fashion, commercial, or film shoot is always a long haul kind of day; with hours usually clocking in around 12, and sometimes climbing painfully towards 14 or 16. For such a day, there are a few absolute essentials that I must have with me to survive (yes, dramatic, I know). Here's all the stuff I throw into my DKNY bag (which fashion people always think is Margiela) 

1. Comfortable sneakers- Non-negotialble. These Vans are what I'm feeling lately, but frankly, there doesn't exist a pair of shoes that are comfortable enough for a 12 hour day in a concrete-floored studio, which is why these Doctor Scholl's 12 hour inserts are an absolute must for me. Glamorous, I know. 

2. Notebook/cellphone- For taking down sizes, making lists, and (unfortunately) being reachable for sudden wardrobe demands. 

3. Hand sanitizer- Because its New York City. 

4. Ibuprofen- Nothing is more satisfying or needed after a full day on set than a glass of wine and two of these babies. 

5. Sustenance- I always bring some granola bars or something of the like to sustain myself. Especially when I was assisting, there was rarely a minute to eat the delicious catering. Good for my skinny jeans. Bad for my temper. 

6. Magazine- A little entertainment for the commute. 

7. Perfume/Lipstain- I don't know about you, but Happy Hour is my favorite hour- especially after a grueling 12-14 hour shoot. A little roll of Elizabeth and James Black, and this Revlon Moisture Stain in Miami Fever, and I'm ready for a Cosmo or two. 

8. Sunglasses/Wallet- Because duh. 

Stay tuned for a peak into my styling kit this weekend!