A look inside my styling kit

Ah the styling kit... a collection of useful, bizarre, and heavy objects that, together, arm me for almost any fashion emergency. 

1. Gaff tape- after a few years of batting my eyes and begging some grips (the guys who handle the lighting and rigging on set) to use some of their gaff tape, I finally bought my own. Then I learned why they're always so reluctant to let me borrow some- it's freaking expensive! But I can't tell you how many times I've blocked out a logo, or performed a make-shift boot alteration with this stuff. 

2. First aid kit- Because for every time I've borrowed some gaff tape, some guy on set has asked me for a band-aid. 

3. Lint roller- Because an HD camera will find the lint on that tuxedo jacket. 

4. Needlenose pliers- Because zippers and necklaces only ever break on set- why is that? 

5. Shout Wipes- Many an actor has wiped his hands on his pants at lunch time. (I'm looking at you Guttenberg.) 

6. Measuring tape- To convince the lady that her size 4 Balmain pants are actually a size 2 by normal standards. 

7. Safety pins- The classic large silver ones, and the infinitely better matte black ones- imperceptible on camera. 

8. Manilla labels- These little buggers are how a movie is made. Ok, fine, not totally, but they are what keeps wardrobe continuity straight. 

9. Cheese grater- For the block of parmesan you bring for lunch. Just kidding. It's really for distressing things like jeans, tee shirts, anything you want to have a lived in look. 

10. Belt hole puncher- This damn heavy thing has rescued me a few times, when a belt is too big, or too small. 

11. Makeup bag- My little stash of girl things one might need during a 12-14 hour day. Deodorant, tampons, lipstick, you know stuff like that. 

12. Spill-able stuff- Fabreez, bug spray, sunblock, anti-bacterial gel. All imperative especially in the summer months. 

13. Baby wipes- For stain removal, cleaning up shoes, hands, baby butts... makeup stains... etc...

14. Topstick- Originally invented to adhere a man's toupee to his head- hence the name. I use it to tape down collars, buttons, and other annoying things. 

15. Umbrella- Cuz it's gon rain (at some point), and everyone knows actors melt in the rain. 

16. Breast petals- What a cute name for these little band-aid stickers that prevent nippelage on camera in thin tops. 

17. Hand steamer- Throw away your iron and get one of these. They're the best for de-wrinkling, and de-stinking. 

18. Le piΓ¨ce de rΓ©sistance, my Luis Vuitton fanny pack- This baby's been with me since my first film (Down The Shore, starring the late, great, James Gandolfini) Snatched from my mom's closet partly because it was so bad it was hilarious and I couldn't bear to see her wear it, and partly because it's the PERFECT set bag. Slim, durable, fits my camera, phone, topstick, scissors, loads of safety pins, lip balm, pens, and anything else I can shove into it. And it's as fake as the day is long, but every fashion person I've ever met on set has thrown a fit "Oh my God!!! I DIE! The 90s were so good, I wish Louis still made that." I just smile and say "I knowwwww right?" 

Now I have to pack it all back up and drag it into the city for this week's shoot...