Man of Style: Steve McQueen

The King of Cool was notorious for three things:

  • Speed
  • Being difficult to work with
  • Style

A true All-American man, and a Hollywood man's-man, Steve McQueen's style is classic and eternal, and is still tapped for inspiration by menswear designers today (hi J.Crew, Ami, Incotex, Todd Snyder). McQueen's timeless style is so classic it's still relevant today- what guy wouldn't want to look that bad ass? Even if you can't spring for the vintage Ferrari, or a 1934 Indian motorcycle, you can channel The King of Cool with the classic looks below. 

A Hollywood anecdote: When I first arrived in Los Angeles, I made an appointment to take a look around Western Costume, one of the largest and most famous costume houses in Hollywood. Although I didn't have a project to work on, I met a lovely woman in the research library who took to my curious New Yorker enthusiasm, and showed me to an inconspicuous door in the back of the library- marked only by a gold star. This was The Star Room, an oversized closet filled with racks and racks of wardrobe, I got the impression that few people know this room exists, and even fewer are granted access. As I moved through the racks, the clothes came to life- Leonardo DiCaprio's wardrobe from The Aviator(!), Elizabeth Taylor's Egyptian bodysuits from Cleopatra(!), Kate Winslet's lifejacket from Titanic(!!), Katherine Hepburn's trousers, and a whole rack of Steve McQueen's jeans. Classic Levis, slim, high-waisted, and kinda small. One of my first days in LA was truly one of Old Hollywood dreams. 

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