Tigers, Aaron Paul, and Blake Shelton: Tindering in Hollywood

Seriously, what's with the tigers? If we could find a way to collect the royalties for all the tigers in Tinder pictures, we could save the endangered cat. While the rare Bengal is for some bizarre reason the most popular Tinder pic companion amongst men the world over, in The City of Actors… eh hem… Angels… tigers are followed closely by the following:

Aaron Paul

Blake Shelton 

and the oh so popular "My niece in the pic! Not my kid!" 

I guess both of those guys are super friendly, beloved by men, and apparently, down for the photo op. I wish I had screen capped this evidence… but a recent hard drive meltdown has destroyed it.

PS, have you watched this show Online Dating Rituals of the American Male? You guys, when I tell you this hits too close to home, I mean, they've driven past my actual apartment building in several episodes. So, if you want to get an idea of dating in Hollyweird, check it out.