The Best Show You Never Saw

Dear HBO,

How to Make it in America!!!!!!!!! HBO whyyyyyy did you cancel this gem? Why didn't you market it properly? I was in NYC when it aired and no one ever talked about it! It was brilliant from the credits to the cliff hanger ending. It was Girls before Girls- It was GUYS!

Two best bros, tryna make a jean company happen… I'm nostalgic for all the downtown NYC locations, the occasional shout out to my alma mater SVA, Pianos, the clubs in Chelsea that were around at the time (remember Guest House? Home?) Brian Greenberg, Victor Rasuk, Lake Bell, and Kid Cudi all hot in their own ways. Go watch season 1 & 2 on HBOGo, you won't be disappointed…. until you realize you want more and won't get it.