Freelance to Fulltime

I've been on the freelance styling grind since I was 19, when I started in NYC. That's eight years of steaming, hanging, pinning, tying, re-assuring, nodding, and chasing down paychecks. Styling in Hollywood is everything you thought it'd be from watching The Rachel Zoe Project…. times 10, and minus the 'glamour'.

I'll tell ya what- We who've assisted the best and biggest, do NOT run around town in 5 inch Loubs and Range Rovers, it's not physically or, more importantly, financially, possible. We stuffed our 2001 sedans full to the roof with garment bags "Sorry Officer, I know I can't see, but I have to get these back to Gucci NOW!". We blew through red lights chasing our bosses who wouldn't divulge the address to which we were speeding for a fitting "No! You just have to drive faster!!!". Our 2001 sedans have even broken down in the Neiman's parking garage, 20 minutes before a fitting. We worked 15 hour days with no lunch, for weeks on end (but our skinny jeans fit!), only to chase a paycheck for several months. Unfortunately, that part is a truth that is impossible to deal with for me. 

This year, I have been transitioning from working freelance jobs, which are undoubtedly more exciting and high profile than any full time styling job will ever be, to trying to land a secure, creative, DAILY gig with a weekly (!) paycheck. I wouldn't trade my experiences in freelance for the world, but as they say… the grass is always greener when you can afford a gardener.