Stylish Cinema: An Education

I love movies. Good movies, bad movies, funny movies, old movies, NOT scary movies- I don't like those. But my favorite movies are always movies that have superb costume design, so I thought I'd pick a few and tell you why, beginning with An Education. 

Carey Mulligan is probably my favorite young actress, and she commands the role of a 17 year old London school girl, Jenny, in the early 60's, struggling to get enthused about University. To remedy her boredom, she gets entangled with Peter Sarsgaard's David, and his glamorous posse. Joining them on trips to Paris, where she buys French cigarettes and Chanel No. 5 for the other girls at school, art auctions, and horse races… and you can probably guess how things pan out for the couple… but I won't tell you here. 

But the WARDROBE. Oh the wardrobe. From Jenny's frumpy (but kind of chic!) school uniform, to her slow transformation into wanna-be-socialite, costume designer Odile Dicks-Mireaux shows the journey of the character through the clothes. When she realizes she needs to up her style game if she wants to fit in with the fast crowd, Jenny seeks a makeover from Rosamund Pike's uber-glam Helen. The result is a awkward glamour, Jenny looks great- but you can tell she's still kind of 'faking it'.  

An Education also speaks to the Savile Row boom of 60's London, and the men look smart in their navy suits, spread collars, and tie bars. Fun fact- Savile Row was the first place I had to see when I visited London- it's a menswear fanatic's Mecca. Another fun fact- the Beatle's Apple Record Studio is on Savile Row. 

Anyway… see An Education.