Chuck Bass: Man of Style

Gossip Girl may be an extinct guilty pleasure, but one thing lives on in my Pinterest boards forever… Chuck Bass's style. 

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Chuck must've been costume designer Eric Daman's favorite character to develop, I know he would've been mine! Coming from a film and costume design background, I always take note of the evolution of a character via their wardrobe. Thinking about what's going on in the character's life, why he would choose to wear a piece, where is he going in it? Thinking about a character's psyche is what makes costume design different, more challenging, and sometimes more fun, than styling. 

I am a keen observer of sharp tailoring. If I learned anything working with GQ, it was that the Russian tailors in LA are magicians. Daman is clearly also a fan of the tailor's chalk, and over seven seasons, we saw Chuck's armholes get higher, his waist whittled, and his pants taper. 

Chuck Bass is my Carrie Bradshaw. 

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